HUE webui takes for ever to load

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    NewBe Lee

    first time to try hue, seems hue is running on the hue server, but when try to connect from web ui :, it’s spinning but not load, what’s wrong?

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    Hubert Chen

    I had the “Hue takes exactly 5 minutes to login” problem. This is with HDP2.0.6, using Hue 2.3. There’s something about the _get_hbase_status() call that is timing out.

    I hacked around it, with the following code in /usr/lib/hue/apps/about/src/about/
    def _get_hbase_status():
    “””Returns True if hbase master started and False otherwise.”””
    if True:
    return True

    It may or may not work for you, but it did solve my immediate problem.



    Hi NewBe,

    As a workaround you can change the landing page when you log in to FileBrowser for example – which will log you in.

    If you check your sudoers file, you can ensure it looks like the following:

    hue ALL=(ALL) ALL
    hue ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/chkconfig
    hue ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/service
    hue ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /bin/kill

    You could also try using the cherrypy server (by uncommenting the line in hue.ini) and marking it as true.

    Please also see the sticky at the top of this forum,



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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