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    Hi guys,

    I have a flat file with fixed size and another file(metadata template) that says what are the size of each column and the corresponding description of each item in the flat file. What is the best way to import it into hadoop in the sandbox? transform it in a single csv file? Is there an easy way to do that?
    Exemple of my flat file would be:
    002JACK 002

    Example of my metadata template file:

    001 – Student
    002 – Information Tecnology Analyst

    Note that in the flat file where profession is 001 is actual Student and 002 is Information Tecnology Analyst

    Thanks in Advanced.

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    Yes, i will import into a table.


    Carter Shanklin

    To clarify, are you looking to import this into a table? If so your best bet is to convert it to CSV. If the file is not too big you can do that in Excel or you can use a scripting language.

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