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    Hi Guys
    This is becoming really frustrating now to be honest. Trying to install Hadoop for windows and keep getting this
    Invalid Property ‘TEMPLETON_HOST’ error in the clusterproperties file.

    I have tried everything I can think of

    Tried on a fresh install of windows server 2012 standard 64bit ( part of a local domain at my home)
    Tried removing Templeton_Host line alltogether ( but I believe it is only needed if using SQL server- for me doesnt work whether i use SQL server or derby grrrrr!)

    Tried on Windows 2008 Server 2008R2
    Tried with SQL Server 2008 installed and users created for hive and oozie
    Tried without SQL server installed with derby
    Java installed and verified , ver 6u31 same as in the blog by hortonworks
    Python 2.7 same as in the article installed and running
    .net is installed

    What else is needed? Please help before I jump off a cliff with my PC :D Thanks

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    Rohit Bakhshi

    Hi Effahid,

    In HDP, the correct host property is “WEBHCAT_HOST”. In HDP 1.1, this property was “TEMPLETON_HOST”.

    The HDP 1.3 docs are here, and contain the set of properties that need to be set in the clusterproperties file:


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