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    I have a development cluster with HDP 2.0.6 installed with Ambari and I want to install Tez to use it in Hive.

    From what I saw in the manual installation instructions for previous version I am supposed to install Tez via yum. But when I search for this package it is not present in the HDP repo for version 2.0.6 and when I look in the documentation for this version there is no reference to Tez.

    Can anyone tell me how to install and enable Tez in Hive for this HDP version?


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    Same problem here, I’m trying to install tez from 2.0.4 repo as it isn’t in the 2.0.6
    I think that Ambari from 2.0.6 won’t see that tez installation.

    Can you give me an URL where I can read the reasons for not include tez in 2.0.6 repo? Has it merged with YARN or MR2 in this version?


    No, a couple of other things came up and I did not have the chance.

    According to this post http://hortonworks.com/blog/apache-tez-0-2-0-released/ it can be installed following the instructions in the following Apache Tez page:


    But it seems it won’t be too straight forward with the HDP distribution and algo I don’t know how Ambari would interact with it.


    Luis Sisamon

    Hi Juan did you ever get this to work?


    Should I ask this in another forum?


    Hi, can anyone please tell me if this is posible?

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