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    Hi all,
    I’m totally new to Hadoop and I’ve started evaluating Hortonworks for my project requirements.
    I need to import some data from Teradata into HDP for analysis.
    I’ve got HDP sandbox running on my windows 7 laptop (HDP runs on Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager)
    I downloaded the Hadoop connector for Teradata from HortonWorks’ “AddOns”
    I have the file on Windows machine – I need to move the tar.gz from Windows to my Linux to install it -approach1
    or I think I can use some curl command to download the software from hortonworks website-approach 2
    Could you help me with either of this approach ?
    And I understand that this question is bit silly – it would great – if someone could help me in this

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    Rupert Bailey

    there’s TDCH and HCT I’ve used TDCH and the help file within it explains what to install and run it. The file has a couple of errors in it and I recall there was one extra jar that you needed to install.


    Thanks Dave.
    There is something called “sharing of Drives” – SO I was ale to share a drive and access the files from my Windows machine on the virtual Linux environment.



    Hi Jerome,

    You should be able to use a SFTP/FTP client to put the files onto the sandbox – like filezilla
    Otherwise you can get the link from the hortonworks website and use “wget URL_OF_CONNECTOR”



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