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HDP on Linux – Installation Forum

Installer stuck on step8 (action button "deploy")

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    Timothee Gautheron

    Hi everyone !

    I’m discovering Ambari. I used to install Hadoop cluster with puppet or manually, and i’m trying to evaluate new projects to manage a Hadoop Cluster, so i’m trying Ambari.

    I downloaded the latest available version (, and i configured a brand new cluster to receive the hadoop ambari process, following the instructions of your documentation.

    I had to configure a node as a master dedicated to the ambari-server, this node is also a web proxy for the whole cluster (especially for the installation of HDP). Everything is going as planned until the step 8. This is my problem :

    I have selected a minimal installation (HDFS, YARN, Nagios, Ganglia, ZooKeeper), and configured my cluster to run with 1 NameNode (master of the services), and 3 datanodes.

    On the Review part, every details seems to be fine and my master node can communicate with the other with password-less ssh. But when i click on the “deploy” action button, the installer seems to froze…

    I have this message on screen : “Preparing to Deploy: 0 of 23 tasks completed.”

    I waited an hour but nothing changed. I tried to redo this step and waited another hour. I checked the log of the ambari-server, it indicates sending and receiving heartbeat from all my hosts, but nothing more. I cheked the log of the ambari-agent(s) , it indicates that no commands were received from the server.

    So what is going on with the installer ?

    Thank you very much for your time on this topic.

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    Hi Timothee,

    Can you install the ambari-agents on the DataNodes manually and configure them to connect to your Ambari server?
    Also ensure that there is no firewalls blocking communication between the Ambari server and agents



    Jeff Sposetti

    Also, any JavaScript errors in your browser after you click “deploy”?

    Timothee Gautheron

    Thanks for your input !

    @Jeff : no JS errors in the browser regarding the appJS of the ambari webserver.

    @Dave : you are raising a good point. I first check any firewall problems, and correct me if i’m wrong, but the only ports needed for ambari to work properly are describe on this page : ( i’m using release from a public repositories )
    these ports are open, ant the communication between my nodes is effective ( checked with lsof and a telnet test )
    So network is ok, i tried to manually install the agents on the node as you recommanded, i had to use the documentation of olders version of ambari ( 1.4.1 is very different from the others documentations, and seems very incomplete ( i used this one ). SO i use the documentation of ambari 1.2.5 , pointing me to modify an .ini file on the nodes, i figured that this file was move between the two versions, but nonetheless the configuration was there and correct.

    At this point i have no hints to resolve my problem, i can pastebin the logs of both server and an agent if this could help :
    ambari-server.log :
    ambari-agent.log :

    Thanks again for your time.

    Timothee Gautheron

    Ok i will try with this version from scratch. I will report the status of my installation next week. Thank you Jeff.

    Timothee Gautheron

    Hi Jeff, a little report about my installation :

    Using ambari 1.4.2 was a complete success. I wish I could report what failed earlier but I can’t because i don’t have more informations. Anyway, i’m glad i could go through this installation, and i’m eager to evaluate Ambari !

    Thanks again for your help.

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