Installer stuck on step8 (action button "deploy")

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    Timothee Gautheron

    Hi everyone !

    I’m discovering Ambari. I used to install Hadoop cluster with puppet or manually, and i’m trying to evaluate new projects to manage a Hadoop Cluster, so i’m trying Ambari.

    I downloaded the latest available version (, and i configured a brand new cluster to receive the hadoop ambari process, following the instructions of your documentation.

    I had to configure a node as a master dedicated to the ambari-server, this node is also a web proxy for the whole cluster (especially for the installation of HDP). Everything is going as planned until the step 8. This is my problem :

    I have selected a minimal installation (HDFS, YARN, Nagios, Ganglia, ZooKeeper), and configured my cluster to run with 1 NameNode (master of the services), and 3 datanodes.

    On the Review part, every details seems to be fine and my master node can communicate with the other with password-less ssh. But when i click on the “deploy” action button, the installer seems to froze…

    I have this message on screen : “Preparing to Deploy: 0 of 23 tasks completed.”

    I waited an hour but nothing changed. I tried to redo this step and waited another hour. I checked the log of the ambari-server, it indicates sending and receiving heartbeat from all my hosts, but nothing more. I cheked the log of the ambari-agent(s) , it indicates that no commands were received from the server.

    So what is going on with the installer ?

    Thank you very much for your time on this topic.

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    Timothee Gautheron

    Hi Jeff, a little report about my installation :

    Using ambari 1.4.2 was a complete success. I wish I could report what failed earlier but I can’t because i don’t have more informations. Anyway, i’m glad i could go through this installation, and i’m eager to evaluate Ambari !

    Thanks again for your help.


    Timothee Gautheron

    Ok i will try with this version from scratch. I will report the status of my installation next week. Thank you Jeff.


    Timothee Gautheron

    Thanks for your input !

    @Jeff : no JS errors in the browser regarding the appJS of the ambari webserver.

    @Dave : you are raising a good point. I first check any firewall problems, and correct me if i’m wrong, but the only ports needed for ambari to work properly are describe on this page : ( i’m using release from a public repositories )
    these ports are open, ant the communication between my nodes is effective ( checked with lsof and a telnet test )
    So network is ok, i tried to manually install the agents on the node as you recommanded, i had to use the documentation of olders version of ambari ( 1.4.1 is very different from the others documentations, and seems very incomplete ( i used this one ). SO i use the documentation of ambari 1.2.5 , pointing me to modify an .ini file on the nodes, i figured that this file was move between the two versions, but nonetheless the configuration was there and correct.

    At this point i have no hints to resolve my problem, i can pastebin the logs of both server and an agent if this could help :
    ambari-server.log :
    ambari-agent.log :

    Thanks again for your time.


    Jeff Sposetti

    Also, any JavaScript errors in your browser after you click “deploy”?



    Hi Timothee,

    Can you install the ambari-agents on the DataNodes manually and configure them to connect to your Ambari server?
    Also ensure that there is no firewalls blocking communication between the Ambari server and agents



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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