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    Jayashankar VS

    I am trying to get the hadoop installed manually on a linux system from scratch, for which I’ve been following one of the horton works documentation. In the section “Define Directories for Core Hadoop” of the document were-in few directories are being listed for HDFS service; currently I am using the hadoop customized tool “hdp_manual_install_rpm_helper_files-″ for defining these directories, would like to know how to use the script directories.sh script, the script says to edit the TODo variables. Though the required value has been provided to the variables, not sure how multiple path for a variable needs to be added, tried (,) (space) etc bit nothing works.

    Please help

    # Directories Script
    # 1. To use this script, you must edit the TODO variables below for your environment.
    # 2. Warning: Leave the other parameters as the default values. Changing these default values will require you to
    # change values in other configuration files.

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    Hi Jayashankar,

    Could you post your installation issues in the HDP installation forum, please?


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