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    I am installing 2.0 thru ambari, on 2 nodes,we are not allowed to use the ssh private key.
    So I am manually installing the ambari agent on both the hosts.
    Ambari server is on server2, so pointed the ambari agent on server1 to point to server 2.

    Now the question is , I did NOT have any jdk pre installed, the ambari server setup installed the jdk for me on server2,
    Do I need to manually install jdk 1.6. update 31 on server 1 too where the agent is ?
    If so can it be done after the agent install ? Or will the Ambari install wizard will do it during cluster deploy ?

    I dont see any documentation on whether or not this is needed.
    Please advice

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    You can let ambari install the JDK for you,



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