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Install/Startup Guide for VirtualBox

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    Helge Sølvberg

    I’m having trouble setting up the ODBC connection, even though I’ve followed the tutorial step by step. The only devient is that my PC is running on Windows 8.
    Any suggestions?


    Hi Cheryle,
    Can we SSH separately to two different Hortonworks Sandbox instances running on same host using Virtual Box? How should we access them given that in both guest instances, we have the same ip and port 2222 ? Can you please brief a little on the configuration of standard SSH clients like putty that can be used in this regard?

    Michael Fluch

    hi, i just installed VirtualBox and started the sandbox. I can also access but accessing the sandbox hdp web interface via fails with “connection failed / Fehler: Verbindung unterbrochen”. What am I doing wrong? I am using firefox browser?
    thx a lot, Michael

    David Novogrodsky

    I am having the same problem the Michael Fluch is having. I started another topic to describe the problem.

    Also the opening screen I see with is very different than the one you describe.

    Peter Billen

    Hi all,
    for virtualbox on windows, once that you have it up and running (and if the default is not working), try the following:
    – set the networking mode to host-only
    – get the VBox ip after logging in
    – use the ip in the URL to access, even if the cover page states to use the loopback ip
    This worked well for me.

    kim wu

    Sorry for this! I want know too.

    mika anaku

    Nice info.. thank u

    Jim Brent

    Thanks for the tips here… I discovered that in several tutorials the IP address is the same as the one I found on my Virtual Box:

    Just in case it helps someone…

    David Bajus

    I have had installed Hortonworks Sandbox.
    i can see in my browsers tutorials on address
    But i dont know how i can login to my virtualbox ???
    alt+f5 —-> if i use root and pass hadoop —> I am in shell what next or its wrong ?

    Mrinal chakraborty

    I have installed the sanbox ‘Sandbox_HDP_2.2.4.2_VMWare’ from ….
    I have successfully logged onto the shell, but please can you help me with the procedure to get to the GUI ?

    Jonathan Wilkins

    @Mrinal charkraborty, The default tutorials are located at or use port 8000 to connect to the hue which is a useful interface I would recommend.
    @David Bajus Try using the port 8000 in your web browser to find the user interface. Hortonworks is a CLI or command line interface. You will have to use a web browser.
    @Michael Fluch and David Novogrodsky: if you do not want to use host-only on your virtual box you need to connect to your windows ip address with the appropirate port number. You can go diving into the virtual box settings under network and port forwarding, you can check the inet address using ifconfig in the CLI of Hortonworks sandobx, and you can gain access to the relavent port numbers and ip addresses in the command prompt by doing a netstat -n to look through them all.
    @Somnath Chakrabarti: as stated above, you can connect through the windows ip address to the correct port to access which instance is open and talking with your host machine.
    @Helge Sølvberg: I found the same issue when connecting sqoop to my oracle database doing testing on my laptop. Your able to connect to the IP address on the windows side (192.168.X.X:port#). For me I had to connect to 192.168.XX.XX:1521:XE instead of the local ip address because it is not local to the virtual box.

    I hope this information helps.

    Theodore Omtzigt

    I am trying to expose the sandbox to external clients on the network. The Sandbox is running on a headless Ubuntu server, and I am looking for guidance how to enable port forwarding to expose the complete set of services that the Sandbox is configured with. All configuration needs to occur through the CLI.

    My initial simple experiments did not give me confidence that I understand how the Sandbox is configured. The default address is given to the Sandbox but trying to curl the Ambari address through this IP from the host provides no access. This makes me question the wisdom of providing port forwarding of the Ambari port at 8888 and the Hue port at 8000. Secondly, when I start a second instance of the Sandbox on the server, I don’t understand how the port forwarding adapts to that.

    Is there documentation that I missed how the Sandbox is configured and how to connect that Sandbox to the larger client network?

    Jonathan Wilkins

    @Theodore Omtzigt

    Have you tried checking out the ports for ambari?

    Those ports should only be for the web interfaces not the server if your trying to gain connectivity.

    For the cli commands you can port forward with this command:
    sudo iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 –proto tcp –dport 12345 -j ACCEPT
    found here:

    or if you did install SSH then you can specify in this way:

    I would have to tinker with you on this project because it dives past my understanding of the sandbox’s connection and the headless ubuntu server. I would have to double check ifconfig and port connections. best of luck, please let me know if I can try and help.

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