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Issue in installing HDP on Windows server 2008 R2

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    Bharath Dasa

    I am following the documentation stepsfor installing HDP .I am not able to install .I get the below generated log.Request you to help.
    *****************************************************Partial LOG file**************************************************************************
    CAQuietExec: Checking JAVA_HOME is set correctly…
    CAQuietExec: Files was unexpected at this time.
    CAQuietExec: Error 0x800700ff: Command line returned an error.
    CAQuietExec: Error 0x800700ff: CAQuietExec Failed
    CustomAction CheckPreReq returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
    Action ended 13:55:25: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: User policy value ‘DisableRollback’ is 0
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Machine policy value ‘DisableRollback’ is 0
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: Header(Signature=1397708873,Version=500,Timestamp=1129279210,LangId=1033,Platform=0,ScriptType=2,ScriptMajorVersion=21,ScriptMinorVersion=4,ScriptAttributes=1)
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: DialogInfo(Type=0,Argument=1033)
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: DialogInfo(Type=1,Argument=Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows)
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: RollbackInfo(,RollbackAction=Rollback,RollbackDescription=Rolling back action:,RollbackTemplate=[1],CleanupAction=RollbackCleanup,CleanupDescription=Removing backup files,CleanupTemplate=File: [1])
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: ActionStart(Name=CheckPreReq,,)
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: ProductInfo(ProductKey={5F733BFC-CACA-411F-A6DC-5AA3ED611F1C},ProductName=Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows,PackageName=hdp-,Language=1033,Version=16973824,Assignment=1,ObsoleteArg=0,,,PackageCode={615E9813-C138-4A72-8400-7FEDB5D19DDF},,,InstanceType=0,LUASetting=0,RemoteURTInstalls=0,ProductDeploymentFlags=3)
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: ActionStart(Name=InstallFiles,Description=Copying new files,Template=File: [1], Directory: [9], Size: [6])
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: SetTargetFolder(Folder=C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\)
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: FileRemove(,FileName=C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\winpkg.utils.psm1,,)
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Note: 1: 2318 2:
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: FileRemove(,FileName=C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\winpkg.ps1,,)
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Note: 1: 2318 2:
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: FileRemove(,FileName=C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\winpkg.cmd,,)
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Note: 1: 2318 2:
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: SetTargetFolder(Folder=C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages\)
    MSI (s) (04:4C) [13:55:25:725]: Executing op: FileRemove(,FileName=C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages\hdp-,,)

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    Bharath Dasa

    I had resolved with the java version issue but now again .I had got one more issue in the installation.It would be great if some one can help me .Please find the below log.

    ********************************************************LOG FILE *********************************************************************
    ………CAQuietExec: Checking JAVA_HOME is set correctly…
    CAQuietExec: Checking python executable is present
    CAQuietExec: Good to go
    MSI (s) (CC:F4) [12:47:37:006]: Executing op: ActionStart(Name=InstallDeferred,,)
    MSI (s) (CC:F4) [12:47:37:006]: Executing op: CustomActionSchedule(Action=InstallDeferred,ActionType=1025,Source=BinaryData,Target=CAQuietExec,CustomActionData=”cmd.exe” /c “set HDP_LAYOUT=D:\HDP\clusterproperties.txt&& set HADOOP_NODE_INSTALL_ROOT=D:\HDP\hadoop\\&& set HDP=yes&& set HBASE=yes&&set FLUME=yes&& set MAHOUT=yes&& set DESTROY_DATA=no&& C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\bootstrap_install.cmd …….
    CAQuietExec: At C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\winpkg.ps1:458 char:12
    CAQuietExec: + Write-Log <<<< $_.Exception.Message "Failure" $_
    CAQuietExec: + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) , WriteErrorExcep
    CAQuietExec: tion
    CAQuietExec: + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorExceptio
    CAQuietExec: n,Write-Log
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: rd /s /q C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages\hdp-
    CAQuietExec: Write-Log : WINPKG FAILURE: C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages\hdp-
    CAQuietExec: npkg\scripts\install.ps1 failed.
    CAQuietExec: At C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\winpkg.ps1:476 char:22
    CAQuietExec: + Write-Log <<<< "$cmd failed." "Failure"
    CAQuietExec: + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) , WriteErrorExcep
    CAQuietExec: tion
    CAQuietExec: + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorExceptio
    CAQuietExec: n,Write-Log
    CAQuietExec: Error 0x80070001: Command line returned an error.
    CAQuietExec: Error 0x80070001: CAQuietExec Failed……………………………..

    Seth Lyubich

    Hi Bharath,

    I believe this issue is now being tracked in http://hortonworks.com/community/forums/topic/hdp-installation-unsuccessful/#post-42644.


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