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    I am trying to get the sandbox setup in Vsphere but running into issues since we do not have DHCP enabled in our testing environment. I was able to get eth0 up with a static IP but not sure what I need to do with eth1.

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    Carter Shanklin

    For the errors you’re seeing you may need to put in a static /etc/hosts that will resolve sandbox to the static IP. I don’t know how you’re assigning the static IP but you could put something in /etc/init.d to write this out toward the end of boot. Good luck.


    Carter Shanklin

    Robert the dual interface thing is for parity with VirtualBox (long story).

    If you’re going to do this on vSphere just use eth0. That IP will show up on the console or you could install Tools and grab the IP that way. You can remove the second interface or just don’t attach it to any switch.

    I’ll point out this is not officially supported.


    eth0 does work for the most part for browsing. I do get errors on beeswax (Could not connect to sandbox:9083) and filebrowser ()



    Hi Robert,

    The eth0 interface ; if it is working with out issues, It would be sufficient for Hadoop usage. Unless the test plan includes more than one network interface; such as network performance Hadoop testing , in this case, I recommend share mode bonding interface for the best network bandwidth. Here is more info about the different bonding interfaces. thttp://wiki.centos.org/TipsAndTricks/BondingInterfaces

    Please use FQDN.


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