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    Narender Kanuganti

    In the pursuit of doing evaluation of the Hadoop Technology as a prospective user of Hadoop implemenatation, I faced the teething trouble while downloading the Sandbox itself. I successfully downloaded the VM player (For windows) .
    I downloaded the Sandbox also as well , but after importing the sandbox I am presented with couple of errors by the system (I took the screen shots a I wish I could have posted those here ) The screenshot goes like this….”This host supports Intel VT-x, but VT-x is disabled” “Update the host’s BIOS/Firmware to the latest version”
    Need help in fixing this as I am struck for ever and not able to move forward with the Sandbox evaluation.

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    Hi Narender,

    This is an error thrown by VMWare. It looks like your CPU supports virtualization but is disabled in your BIOS. You would need to enable this, you would need to check if your CPU supports it ( http://ark.intel.com/Products/VirtualizationTechnology )

    This article from VMWare may be useful too:




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