Java client not able to connect to secure hbase

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    Gaurav Thakur


    I have developed the following program, using which I`m trying to connect to a secure hbase instance from a java client.
    As the connection to hbase goes via zookeeper, I`m using GSSAPI. My code connects to the zookeeper which means that the kerberos authentication is working fine, but the hbase connection still fails.

    Please see the code as below:
    System.setProperty(CommonConstants.KRB_REALM, ConfigUtil.getProperty(CommonConstants.HADOOP_CONF, “krb.realm”));
    System.setProperty(CommonConstants.KRB_KDC, ConfigUtil.getProperty(CommonConstants.HADOOP_CONF,”krb.kdc”));
    System.setProperty(CommonConstants.KRB_DEBUG, “true”);
    System.setProperty( “”, “src/main/resources/login.conf”);
    System.setProperty( “”, “true”);
    final Configuration config = HBaseConfiguration.create();
    /*config.set(CommonConfigurationKeysPublic.HADOOP_SECURITY_AUTHENTICATION, AUTH_KRB);
    config.set(CommonConfigurationKeysPublic.HADOOP_SECURITY_AUTHORIZATION, AUTHORIZATION);
    config.set(CommonConfigurationKeysPublic.FS_AUTOMATIC_CLOSE_KEY, AUTO_CLOSE);
    config.set(CommonConfigurationKeysPublic.FS_DEFAULT_NAME_KEY, defaultFS);*/
    config.set(“hbase.zookeeper.quorum”, ConfigUtil.getProperty(CommonConstants.HBASE_CONF, “”));
    config.set(“”, ConfigUtil.getProperty(CommonConstants.HBASE_CONF, “hbase.port”));
    config.set(“hbase.client.retries.number”, Integer.toString(0));
    config.set(“zookeeper.session.timeout”, Integer.toString(6000));
    config.set(“zookeeper.recovery.retry”, Integer.toString(0));
    config.set(“hbase.master”, “″);
    config.set(“zookeeper.znode.parent”, “/hbase-secure”);
    config.set(“hbase.rpc.engine”, “org.apache.hadoop.hbase.ipc.SecureRpcEngine”);
    config.set(“”, AUTH_KRB);
    config.set(“”, AUTHORIZATION);
    config.set(“hbase.master.kerberos.principal”, “hbase/”);
    //config.set(“hbase.master.keytab.file”, “D:/var/lib/bda/secure/keytabs/hbase.service.keytab”);
    config.set(“hbase.regionserver.kerberos.principal”, “hbase/”);
    //config.set(“hbase.regionserver.keytab.file”, “D:/var/lib/bda/secure/keytabs/hbase.service.keytab”);
    LoginContext loginCtx = null;
    // “KerberizedServer” refers to a section of the JAAS configuration in the jaas.conf file.
    Subject subject = null;
    loginCtx = new LoginContext( “Client”);
    subject = loginCtx.getSubject();
    HBaseAdmin admins = new HBaseAdmin(config);
    if(admins.isTableAvailable(“ambarismoketest”)) {
    System.out.println(“Table is available”);
    The exception is :
    Caused by: GSSException: No valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: Failed to find any Kerberos tgt)

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