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    We have 5 file and we have to calculate the word count of all the words in each file and store the output of each file in one file.

    Output file should be like this-
    6 column –
    Word | wc of file1 | wc of file2 | wc of file3 | wc of file4 | wc of file5 |

    I created 5 files which holds the word count of each file , then I create a another file which append all the words and finally Left outer join another file to all the 5 file .I got the out perfect as required,
    but my problem I have 100 files in this case , I cant the code for all the file and join all that files.

    Is there is any way to dynamically join all that files because next I have 200 files that time what will do?

    Please help , its very urgent….

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