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    Pasha F

    MongoDB JSON exports might include $ (dollar sing) in the object, making it impossible to run the query when ‘Enable Parameterization’ option is enabled. Key is treated as a parameter when specified in the query. I have tried escape character ‘\’ or ‘\\’ (without quotes) to no avail.

    Runs fine when the ‘Enable Parameterization’ option is disabled. Furthermore, SerDe has an option to map, i.e. WITH SERDEPROPERTIES ( “mapping.myentities” = “my$entities” )

    JSON extract:
    { “_id” : { “$oid” : “51d1d21de75dbf00050000b4″ } }
    { “date_modified” : { “$date” : 1372705189474 } }

    Query extract:
    lateral view json_tuple(b.id, “$oid”) e as id
    lateral view json_tuple(b.date_created, “$date”) d as date_created



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