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    I recently installed HDP (1.2.2) (for the first time) on a cluster of 4 nodes. All nodes had freshly installed CentOS 6.3. Installation was carried out using Ambari server.

    In short the problem is that I obtain no cluster or service metrics in Ambari Web UI post installation. Anywhere Ambari ought to render metrics the only output is error message: "No Data There was no data available. Possible reasons include inaccessible Ganglia service."

    Scanning Hortonworks’ resources I tried some remedies listed in sections underhttp://docs.hortonworks.com/HDPDocuments/HDP1/HDP-1.2.1/bk_Monitoring_Hadoop_Book/content/monitor-chap3-6-11.html but it did not give more metrics.

    Anyone with a hint up their sleeves? :)

    Some background on the installation. All that was config changes carried out during installation was to reduce the DFS replication factor from 3 to 2, and add passwords where requested in the installation process. All HDP services were installed.

    I have master nodes and two slave nodes. Master 1 runs the following services: ambari server, secondary name node, nagios server, ganglia collector and zookeeper. Master 2 runs name node, job tracker, hive server 2, hive metastore, web hcat server, hbase master, oozie server and zookeeper.

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