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    Dan Sadler

    I have two files I am loading into Pig. File A contains detials on Students and File B the list of students who are in detention.
    I would like to get the list of Students that are in File A but not in File B. Using a filter works well for names but I have over 200+ names in file B.
    A left inner join would work but I cannot seem to find any information and don’t think Pig supports this.
    Any help to solve this would be great!

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    Alan Gates

    I’m not familiar with “left inner” joins. But a anti-join will do what you want. Maybe they’re the same thing.

    A = load ‘file A';
    B = load ‘file B';
    C = cogroup A on studentname, B on studentname;
    D = filter C by COUNT(B) == 0;
    E = foreach D generate flatten(A);

    This will do an anti-join. It cogroups everything in A and B on the same key, filters out any groups where there have records in B, and then flattens the grouping of A so that you again have individual records.

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