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    Jack Price

    I have created the pig script in HDP 2.1 sandbox using Hue interface and it works. But how do I download the scripts once I have done the tutorial lab. Where exactly is the directory for the scripts – if I wanted to use the hue file browser to download the scripts.
    It’s very frustrating to not be able to find the pig scripts – even though I can see the scripts in ‘My Scripts’ of Pig in Hue.
    Please help!

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    Hi Jack,
    These scripts are stored in the hue DB, not in the filesystem. You can access this db by invoking sqlite3. At command line try the following:
    sqlite3 /var/lib/hue/desktop.db
    then run .tables
    You can see there is a pig_pigscript table

    You can dump this data to a .json file by running the following:
    cd /usr/lib/hue/build/env/bin
    ./hue dumpdata pig > pig.json

    I hope this helps


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