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    I started with Ambari but it failed installing nodes, so going with manual installation route.. I have installed HDFS as of now in 3 VM as recommended.

    started my name node(3GB ram), secondary (2nd vm-2GB ram) and Datanode (3rd vm(2GB ram)).
    Now time to validate : http://docs.hortonworks.com/HDPDocuments/HDP1/HDP-1.3.1/bk_installing_manually_book/content/rpm-chap4.html
    But even after formatting, when i try to access the http://$namenode.full.hostname:50070.. it gives host not reachable.

    I have tried to create ssh key and also permanently add the other 2 hosts. I have configuations set in host files also. Also tried to switchoff the filewall.. But nothing works. Need help.. I want to start horton works and practice mad reduce.. Any suggessions welcome.


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