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    Anupam Gupta

    Hi all,
    We installed HDP 1.3 on EC2 with 2 node(Instance type M1.small ,centos 6.3)., all services is started but after some time hdfs is down .

    I stopped all services and tried to start start all, but after 2-3 attempt I able to start all services except getting one alert from mapreduce
    “JobTracker CPU utilization UNKNOWN for about 19 hours, Unable to contact host: ip-10-155-198-197.ec2.internal”
    Is this a major issue ?
    Kindly help.

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    Koelli Mungee

    Hi Nitin,

    Do one of the tasktrackers run on that node? Do you see the same alert in Nagios, if so do you have any further information on it? Is the process that it is complaining about up?


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