MapReduce Test failing

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    After installing HMC on a 5 node EC2 cluster and starting all of the services, the MapReduce Test is failing. I’ve uploaded the output of the script on your ftp server per your 7/12 post as hwlog.out.

    Can you determine from that what the problem is?



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    Sasha J

    As far as I can see, the problem in starting JobTracker:

    [2012:09:07 15:20:41][INFO][PuppetInvoker][PuppetInvoker.php:100][sendKick]: ip-10-29-153-123.ec2.internal: Kick failed with warning: peer certificate won’t be verified in this SSL session
    Host ip-10-29-153-123.ec2.internal failed: Connection reset by peer – SSL_connect
    [failed] => Array
    [failed] => Array
    [failed] => Array
    [failed] => Array
    [failed] => Array
    [2012:09:07 16:15:57][ERROR][ServiceComponent:JOBTRACKER][ServiceComponent.php:283][start]: Puppet kick failed, no successful nodes
    [2012:09:07 16:15:57][INFO][ClusterMain:TxnId=14][ClusterMain.php:353][]: Completed action=startAll on cluster=inetworkHadoop1, txn=14-0-0, result=-3, error=Failed to start JOBTRACKER with -3 (\’Puppet kick failed on all nodes\’)

    Take a look at the puppet_apply.log and jobtracker log and see if there any meaningful error messages.
    Also, you have SELinux enabled on all nodes, which is wrong, SELinux MUST be disabled.

    Thank you!

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