Migration from HDInsight to EMR

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    Hope this is the right forum for this topic, and apologies in advance for the length of the post.

    We have currently started building a product, which has Big Data requirements, and for which we have chosen Hadoop. We currently don’t have a lot of experience with Big Data.

    For our Cloud platform and Hadoop, we are trying to choose between Azure HDInsight and Amazon AWS EMR. Our product will be built using .Net and we are already using Azure for another existing product. We also have experience with AWS, though not on Hadoop as yet.

    Now, we know that Azure is not as mature as EMR, and AWS would be a better bet, at least for the next couple of years. However it probably would be easier to develop on Azure with .Net, and also save some upfront costs as we are already using it.

    So, we are thinking of building the beta version of the product on Azure, validate and benchmark the performance. Then as a backup plan, if required move to AWS and EMR for the final product.

    My main question is – How difficult would it be to migrate from HDInsight to EMR? How much of our code would we have to change for this migration? What is it that HDInsight offers that EMR doesn’t?


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