Missing epel-release?

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    Rob Styles

    Hi, installing hdp2.0 on a physical cluster to try things out.

    ‘yum install epel-release’ comes back with a 404 for the package:

    http://public-repo-1.hortonworks.com/HDP-UTILS- [Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 22 – “The requested URL returned error: 404″

    I am running through a rather strict proxy server, but the response contains enough to suggest it is missing from your S3 repo:

    < HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found
    < Content-Type: application/xml
    < x-amz-request-id: E68EC86FB808E729
    < x-amz-id-2: XpNJVjeYfs+N6KYFHvixP2Wxl5kPeUxb37iNl2hj1DgVKLjLekpti8U9Pq2sVPsD
    < Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 14:07:47 GMT
    < Server: AmazonS3
    < X-Amz-Cf-Id: pZG3Xdhnyqola9nQDlRSNRnhS2QvDZVVRKqfSdKDZKytbFoSwAKN4g==
    < Via: 1.0 aafff655382743a4b6beab8d3d35f962.cloudfront.net (CloudFront)

    Is this me broken or you?


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    Jeff Sposetti

    Rob, Thank you for the update. Please keep us posted as your physical cluster install proceeds.


    Rob Styles

    OK solved. I noticed the version 5-4 in the URL and that suggested it must be leftover from the centos 5 package somehow. After erasing the centos 5 hdp repos package I hadn’t cleared the yum cache. ‘yum clear all’ then everything happy again.




    Rob Styles

    Just trying later version of the epel-release package, you do seem to have 6-7 on there:


    I mistakenly did an install of the centos 5 hdp repo (rpm -Uvh http://public-repo-1.hortonworks.com/HDP- but erased that before adding th centos 6 one. That doesn’t appear relevant as the hdp.repo file is created and (AFAICT) correct.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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