Missing jetty.ini file to change number of CPUs

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    Dan Sadler


    I am trying to install Hortonworks and I have got so far, however cannot progress due to needing to change the number of CPU’s available. Here are logs that I am presented with.

    16:03:50,680 INFO Server:266 – jetty-7.6.7.v20120910
    16:03:50,712 INFO ContextHandler:744 – started o.e.j.s.ServletContextHandler{/,file:/usr/lib/ambari-server/web/}
    16:03:52,169 WARN AbstractConnector:335 – insufficient threads configured for SelectChannelConnector@
    16:03:52,171 INFO AbstractConnector:338 – Started SelectChannelConnector@
    16:03:52,172 INFO Server:266 – jetty-7.6.7.v20120910

    And a google search shows others have had the same problem with other things that use jetty – due to using a server that has a high number of CPUs and the fix is to set the number of threads to be > number of CPUs ( we have 80 ).
    However there is no jetty.ini file we can find and can’t find anything in the ambari config.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Sun Ww

    I meet the same issue. And I modify AmbariServer.java to set ThreadPool higher. Then Ambari works fine.
    Maybe it’s a Jetty Bug.


    Alpesh Desai

    Seems like I am having the same issue. Ambari installs and starts but http calls does not respond, and that is what happens when using servers with a large number of CPU’s per online research.
    I think we need to update the number of threads in jetty.ini or upgrade to jetty 9.
    Can you provide the location of jetty.ini ?

    05:20:57,718 INFO Server:266 – jetty-7.6.7.v20120910
    05:20:57,752 INFO ContextHandler:744 – started o.e.j.s.ServletContextHandler{/,file:/usr/lib/ambari-server/we
    05:20:59,297 WARN AbstractConnector:335 – insufficient threads configured for SelectChannelConnector@
    05:20:59,310 INFO AbstractConnector:338 – Started SelectChannelConnector@
    05:20:59,311 INFO Server:266 – jetty-7.6.7.v20120910



    Hi Dan,

    Did Ambari not install due to the WARN message?
    I can create an issue for this if you let me know what I should create it under – Large amount of CPUs cause Ambari server to fail on start?




    Dan Sadler

    Disabling 50% cores results in the server working and no jetty warning so that confirms it is the number of threads in jetty that needs to be increased. I cannot however find the jetty file.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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