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    I have successfully modified my Nagios configuration using the following documentation : http://docs.hortonworks.com/HDPDocuments/HDP1/HDP-1.2.0/bk_Monitoring_Hadoop_Book/content/monitor-chap3-7.html (I have to modified some critical thresholds)

    The problem is that If I restart Nagios service via “service nagios restart”, it sounds good and my changes are taken into account.
    But if I restart Nagios service via Ambari, all my modifications are lost.

    Is this behaviour normal ? Are there any chances you add the capability to modify Nagios configuration through Ambari in future releases (I know we can only modify nagios email and login acccount currently)?

    Many thanks in advance,


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    Hi Francois,

    Thanks for your continued use of HDP.
    I believe that the overwriting of the configs on Ambari restart is normal. I’ll definitely put in a feature request to allow the modification of these configurations, if it is not already there.


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