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    I have used HMC to install Hadoop and configure all the machines. Now, I need to make additional changes to the hadoop configuration files like mapred-site.xml. The configuration property that I need to change is not exposed via Manage Services Map Reduce in HMC UI. I tried to make a manual change to: /etc/hadoop/conf/mapred-site.xml and then pushed the file to all the servers. However, when I restarted Hadoop cluster via HMC, the changes that I made to mapred-site.xml were overridden. Could someone please instruct me on how to make changes to existing cluster that is managed by HMC?


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    Sasha J

    There is not a simple way to make such changes in the current HMC implementation.
    HMC manage nodes configuration by using Puppet in the background, so any change done outside of HMC (manually) reverted back to HMC known configuration.
    There are a simple workaround in here: do not use HMC to restart mapreduce if you made changes in its configuration. Just use scripts to stop and start mapreduce services.
    This behavior suppose to be changed in future implementations, however, there is not a definitive timeline for this changes yet.

    Hope this helps!
    Thank you!

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