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    Dharanikumar Bodla

    hi to all ,
    these are errors getting under nagios ,even the hosts are up running .
    h.hadoop DATANODE::DataNode space CRITICAL 01-08-2014 19:25:17 0d 3h 13m 26s 2/2 CRITICAL: Data inaccessible, Status code = 200
    s.hadoop HDFS::Percent DataNodes with space available CRITICAL 01-08-2014 19:27:24 0d 3h 12m 11s 1/1 CRITICAL: total:<2>, affected:<1>
    and HDFS with Percent DataNodes with space available CRITICAL: total:<2>, affected:<1> what is meant by this and how to resolve it.

    thanks & regards,
    Dharani Kumar Bodla.

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    Koelli Mungee

    Hi Dharani

    Even though the hosts are running, did you check the disk space available on the datanode machines that are getting the alert on Nagios? What does the disk space look like when you do a

    df -h


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