name node is not starting in ambari 1.6.0

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    Vishal Dhavale

    after formatting namenode it is not starting.when i type ‘JPS’ command it shows namenode runnig but on ambari it is not. it give following error

    Fail: Execution of ‘ulimit -c unlimited; export HADOOP_LIBEXEC_DIR=/usr/lib/hadoop/libexec && /usr/lib/hadoop/sbin/ –config /etc/hadoop/conf start namenode’ returned 1. starting namenode, logging to /var/log/hadoop/hdfs/

    and /var/lib/ambari-agent/data/output-1310.txt is as follow

    2014-07-18 23:20:17,263 – Execute[‘/bin/echo 0 > /selinux/enforce’] {‘only_if': ‘test -f /selinux/enforce’}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,277 – Skipping Execute[‘/bin/echo 0 > /selinux/enforce’] due to only_if
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,278 – Execute[‘mkdir -p /usr/lib/hadoop/lib/native/Linux-i386-32; ln -sf /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/hadoop/lib/native/Linux-i386-32/’] {}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,297 – Execute[‘mkdir -p /usr/lib/hadoop/lib/native/Linux-amd64-64; ln -sf /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib/hadoop/lib/native/Linux-amd64-64/’] {}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,313 – Directory[‘/etc/hadoop/conf.empty’] {‘owner': ‘root’, ‘group': ‘root’, ‘recursive': True}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,314 – Link[‘/etc/hadoop/conf’] {‘to': ‘/etc/hadoop/conf.empty’}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,314 – Directory[‘/var/log/hadoop’] {‘owner': ‘root’, ‘group': ‘root’, ‘recursive': True}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,315 – Directory[‘/var/run/hadoop’] {‘owner': ‘root’, ‘group': ‘root’, ‘recursive': True}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,315 – Directory[‘/tmp’] {‘owner': ‘hdfs’, ‘recursive': True}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,327 – File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/’] {‘content': Template(‘′), ‘owner': ‘hdfs’}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,329 – File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/’] {‘content': Template(‘′), ‘owner': ‘hdfs’}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,331 – File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/health_check’] {‘content': Template(‘health_check-v2.j2′), ‘owner': ‘hdfs’}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,331 – File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/’] {‘content': ‘…’, ‘owner': ‘hdfs’, ‘group': ‘hadoop’, ‘mode': 0644}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,336 – File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/’] {‘content': Template(‘′), ‘owner': ‘hdfs’}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,337 – XmlConfig[‘core-site.xml’] {‘owner': ‘hdfs’, ‘group': ‘hadoop’, ‘conf_dir': ‘/etc/hadoop/conf’, ‘configurations': …}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,342 – Generating config: /etc/hadoop/conf/core-site.xml
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,342 – File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/core-site.xml’] {‘owner': ‘hdfs’, ‘content': InlineTemplate(…), ‘group': ‘hadoop’, ‘mode': None}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,343 – Writing File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/core-site.xml’] because contents don’t match
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,344 – File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/’] {‘content': StaticFile(‘’), ‘mode': 0755}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,344 – File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/configuration.xsl’] {‘owner': ‘hdfs’, ‘group': ‘hadoop’}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,347 – File[‘/etc/snmp/snmpd.conf’] {‘content': Template(‘snmpd.conf.j2′)}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,348 – Execute[‘service snmpd start’] {}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,377 – Execute[‘chkconfig snmpd on’] {}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,578 – File[‘/etc/security/limits.d/hdfs.conf’] {‘content': Template(‘hdfs.conf.j2′), ‘owner': ‘root’, ‘group': ‘root’, ‘mode': 0644}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,579 – XmlConfig[‘hdfs-site.xml’] {‘owner': ‘hdfs’, ‘group': ‘hadoop’, ‘conf_dir': ‘/etc/hadoop/conf’, ‘configurations': …}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,585 – Generating config: /etc/hadoop/conf/hdfs-site.xml
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,585 – File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/hdfs-site.xml’] {‘owner': ‘hdfs’, ‘content': InlineTemplate(…), ‘group': ‘hadoop’, ‘mode': None}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,586 – Writing File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/hdfs-site.xml’] because contents don’t match
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,588 – File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/slaves’] {‘content': Template(‘slaves.j2′), ‘owner': ‘hdfs’}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,589 – Directory[‘/hadoop/hdfs/namenode’] {‘owner': ‘hdfs’, ‘group': ‘hadoop’, ‘recursive': True, ‘mode': 0755}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,589 – File[‘/tmp/’] {‘content': StaticFile(‘’), ‘mode': 0755}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,590 – Execute[‘/tmp/ hdfs /etc/hadoop/conf /var/run/hadoop/hdfs/namenode/formatted/ /hadoop/hdfs/namenode’] {‘path': [‘/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin’], ‘not_if': ‘test -d /var/run/hadoop/hdfs/namenode/formatted/’}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,602 – Skipping Execute[‘/tmp/ hdfs /etc/hadoop/conf /var/run/hadoop/hdfs/namenode/formatted/ /hadoop/hdfs/namenode’] due to not_if
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,603 – Execute[‘mkdir -p /var/run/hadoop/hdfs/namenode/formatted/’] {}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,621 – File[‘/etc/hadoop/conf/dfs.exclude’] {‘owner': ‘hdfs’, ‘content': Template(‘exclude_hosts_list.j2′), ‘group': ‘hadoop’}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,625 – Directory[‘/var/run/hadoop/hdfs’] {‘owner': ‘hdfs’, ‘recursive': True}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,625 – Directory[‘/var/log/hadoop/hdfs’] {‘owner': ‘hdfs’, ‘recursive': True}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,626 – File[‘/var/run/hadoop/hdfs/’] {‘action': [‘delete’], ‘not_if': ‘ls /var/run/hadoop/hdfs/ >/dev/null 2>&1 && ps cat /var/run/hadoop/hdfs/ >/dev/null 2>&1′, ‘ignore_failures': True}
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,649 – Deleting File[‘/var/run/hadoop/hdfs/’]
    2014-07-18 23:20:17,650 – Execute[‘ulimit -c unlimited; export HADOOP_LIBEXEC_DIR=/usr/lib/hadoop/libexec && /usr/lib/hadoop/sbin/ –config /etc/hadoop/conf start namenode’] {‘not_if': ‘ls /var/run/hadoop/hdfs/ >/dev/null 2>&1 && ps cat /var/run/hadoop/hdfs/ >/dev/null 2>&1′, ‘user': ‘hdfs’}
    2014-07-18 23:20:21,766 – Error while executing command ‘start':
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/libraries/script/”, line 105, in execute
    File “/var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/stacks/HDP/2.0.6/services/HDFS/package/scripts/”, line 39, in start
    File “/var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/stacks/HDP/2.0.6/services/HDFS/package/scripts/”, line 45, in namenode
    File “/var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/stacks/HDP/2.0.6/services/HDFS/package/scripts/”, line 63, in service
    File “/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/core/”, line 148, in __init__
    File “/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/core/”, line 149, in run
    self.run_action(resource, action)
    File “/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/core/”, line 115, in run_action
    File “/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/core/providers/”, line 239, in action_run
    raise ex
    Fail: Execution of ‘ulimit -c unlimited; export HADOOP_LIBEXEC_DIR=/usr/lib/hadoop/libexec && /usr/lib/hadoop/sbin/ –config /etc/hadoop/conf start namenode’ returned 1. starting namenode, logging to /var/log/hadoop/hdfs/

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    Vishal Dhavale

    Hi Robert,
    The agent was not able to read /var/run/hadoop/hdfs/ file now it’s working fine.Thanks.


    Prem Kumar

    For this you need to set ulimit soft and hard nproc and files is more than 10000 check the ambari cluster setup docuement for your reference.


    Robert Molina

    Hi Vishal,
    You mentioned that namenode process is up, can you check what user that process belongs to? Also for Ambari, can you check the agent logs to verify if there are any errors? If ambari shows process not running, and its actually running, most likely its due to the /var/run/hadoop/hdfs/ is not matching with the current process or the agent is not able to read that file.

    Kind Regards,


    Iolar P


    Thanks, this is important to me,



    Mohammed Ansari

    My MapReduce job freezes, my jps shows the namenode has started.

    I think I should format the namenode manually too. How to do it?


    Christian Nunez

    Hi Vishal,
    I have the same problem. Did you solve the problem?
    You would help me a lot.


    Vishal Dhavale

    hi Ramesh ,
    I formatted namenode manually.I execute that command. when I type JPS on comand promt it shows namenode is working. but on ambari dashboard it shows name node is not started and also on yarn nodemanager is also not starting


    Ramesh Babu

    are you manually formatting the name node. how you linking in the ambari ? if you are using ambari, itself format the namenode. what is the procedure you are following.
    execute the following command in command line.
    export HADOOP_LIBEXEC_DIR=/usr/lib/hadoop/libexec && /usr/lib/hadoop/sbin/ –config /etc/hadoop/conf start namenode

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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