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    Please let me know how I can upgrade to 0.94.8 or later version of Hbase (we are on 1.3 so 0.94.6) now.
    We are Hortonworks Partner and are working against a deadline to demo a highly scalable search solution by mid next week. Any timely help appreciated. (Basically need the fix for HBASE-6870 as tipped by Ted Yu)

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    Sasha, I need the fix for HBase-6870 so anything above 0.94.8 would work. BTW, what doc are you referring to ? Apache or any Hortonworks’ ? Please provide URL. Thanks.


    Sasha J

    You can you standard procedure to upgrade HBase as it documented in HBase documentation.
    HDP 1.3 is already containing 0.94.6, so what is the reason to upgrade?
    If you really want to go further and upgrade to 0.94.8, then you can do it, but remember, that HDP 1.3 is not tested with this version.
    Hortonworks can not guarantee correct functionality if it is not “officially” released combination of components…

    Thank you!

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