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    Stephen Bovy

    Why two Network Cards

    Why NAT
    And why Private Host ??

    IN any case On Windows the above NET setup does not work I cannot ping and/or acccess the IP address
    displayed on the screen

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    Carter Shanklin

    Stephen, the long answer to why Private Host is to have similar environments with VirtualBox. As it turns out VirtualBox NAT interfaces do not allow communication with the host, unlike VMware which does.

    That said, if you’re getting an IP address on the screen it’s strange that you would have problems reaching it, do you have any special firewall software running?

    Is it possible for you to post the following:
    The IP address your Sandbox reports
    Open a Windows command prompt and run “netstat -nr” and post those results?



    Rahul Dev

    My set up is also not working. Although I can ping, but when I enter the address in a browser, it doesn’t show the tutorial page.

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