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    For our VM environments where I am testing Ambari, our IT department will NOT give out access to root directly — the root user is locked. Instead, we get sudo access so that we can do whatever is needed.

    This works just fine when I run the ambari-server install:

    sudo ambari-server install

    But, the web UI seems to require ssh keygen files for the root user ID itself rather than allowing me to tell it which user has root access and associated keygen file.

    Is there a way around this limitation?

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    Jeff Sposetti

    SSH is only required for the Ambari server to bootstrap the agents. There is an option to bootstrap the agents manually so you don’t need SSH.

    In the wizard UI, on the “Install Options” page, uncheck + do not provide your SSH key. You will get a warning telling you need to manually bootstrap the agents instead.

    Following these instructions, your IT department can install the agent(s) on the target host(s) and start them so they register with the Ambari server. Avoids you having to use root SSH. Have IT install and start all the agents, then you can run thru the install wizard w/o SSH.


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