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    Satish T

    Hi All,

    I have just installed Virtualbox and Sandbox successfully. I have done all the steps with no errors as described in the ‘Installing Hortonworks Sandbox 2.0
    – VirtualBox on Windows’.

    When i entered in Chrome i see ‘Data Platform (HDP) 2.1 Sandbox’ screen INSTEAD of the ‘Welcome screen’.

    Can some one help me what went wrong?

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    Satish T

    Hi Ian,

    Yes, first i saw a registration screen, as soon as i hit SUBMIT then i ended up with ‘Welcome to the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.1 Sandbox’. screen.

    It has three sub headings.
    1. Get started with Hadoop
    2. Try New Features
    3.Dive right in

    If i use 8000 then i will see HUE page.

    Any clue?



    Hi Satish,
    Is the screen you are referring to a registration screen? Can you provide more detail on what the screen looks like you are presented with? Thank you.


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