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    Rushikesh Deshmukh

    I have created the hadoop and hbase cluster in fully distributed mode with namenode and hmaster running on different machine. After starting all the processes, I have created tables inside hbase and verified that I am able to access fields inside tables using hbase shell (get command). But, when I am trying to access those values using javascript code which is using rest api service, it is showing below ERROR:

    Hbase Response : code=503, body=Unavailable

    I have checked that, I am able create tables and insert values inside hbase using same code (with rest service) but not able to retrieve it’s field. Can you suggest something?

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    Rushikesh Deshmukh

    I am able to retrieve data from hbase-0.94.1 using rest api but not from hbase-0.96.0-hadoop2. Is there any difference?

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