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    Anupam Gupta

    Hi all,
    I have installed HDP 1.3 on EC2 with 2 node(20 GB each) cluster, after some time space is full in master node and I am not able to run Mapreduce job (Hive query)
    how can I clear How can I clear previous Jobs data to make some space, or is there any other way to make space .

    Kindly help
    Thanks In Advance,
    Sandeep Upreti

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    Seth Lyubich

    Hi Anupam,

    Do you run datanode process on your master node? If yes, I recommend cleaning any unneeded temporary Hive data in HDFS. You can run hadoop fs -ls /tmp and see if you find any data that you don’t need. Additionally you can try dropping Hive tables that you don’t need, or add space to your DataNodes.

    Hope this helps,


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