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only one cell scan. how all scan possible?

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    Joseph Hwang

    I use HBase 0.96 for hadoop 2.2. And I try to code mapreduce with TableMapReduceUtil.initTableMapperJob method.
    The number of cells of my hbase column family is allmost 200. Below are my data format and map function codes

    Data =========
    Brazil column=INTLCTRY_DATA:age, timestamp=1396002150554, value=Aged 15-24
    Brazil column=INTLCTRY_DATA:average, timestamp=1396002150554, value=3831000.0
    Brazil column=INTLCTRY_DATA:data, timestamp=1377961200000, value=3831000.0 <=(This cell contains 200 timestamps)
    Brazil column=INTLCTRY_DATA:freq, timestamp=1396002150554, value=\x00
    Brazil column=INTLCTRY_DATA:sex, timestamp=1396002150554, value=All Persons
    Brazil column=INTLCTRY_DATA:title, timestamp=1396002150554, value=Active Population

    Driver class=====
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    Configuration config = HBaseConfiguration.create();
    Job job = Job.getInstance(config,”HBase MapReduce Test”);

    Scan scan = new Scan();

    TableMapReduceUtil.initTableMapperJob( “INTLCTRY_TABLE”, scan, MyMapper.class, Text.class, FloatWritable.class, job );

    Map class======
    public class MyMapper extends TableMapper<Text, FloatWritable> {

    private final byte[] COLUMN_FAMILY = “INTLCTRY_DATA”.getBytes();
    private Text key = new Text();
    private FloatWritable output = new FloatWritable();

    public void map(ImmutableBytesWritable row, Result value, Context context) throws InterruptedException, IOException {
    String bCntyName = new String(value.getRow());
    String bTitle = new String(value.getValue(COLUMN_FAMILY, Bytes.toBytes(“title”)));
    String bAgeRange = new String(value.getValue(COLUMN_FAMILY, Bytes.toBytes(“age”)));
    String bSex = new String(value.getValue(COLUMN_FAMILY, Bytes.toBytes(“sex”)));
    char bFreq = new String(value.getValue(COLUMN_FAMILY, Bytes.toBytes(“freq”))).charAt(0);

    System.out.println(“LENGTH : ” + value.listCells().size()); // Length is NOT 200, only 9

    for (Cell c : value.rawCells()) {
    String qualifier = new String(CellUtil.cloneQualifier(c));
    if (qualifier.equals(“data”)) {
    Float f = Float.parseFloat(new String(CellUtil.cloneValue(c))); // parsing only 1 value, not all values
    context.write(key, output);

    It seems Result value contains only newest version cell, not all cells. How can i scan all cells in hbase map function?
    Pls, give me your advice! Thanks in advance

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    Nick Dimiduk

    You need to configure your scanner to retrieve historical versions with something like Scan#setMaxVersions(). This is disabled by default. The Versions section of our online includes more information.


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