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    Alex Martinez

    I am attempting to submit an oozie job via my personal login credentials, and I get an error stating “JA002: User:oozie is not allowed to impersonate user ‘firstname_lastname’ ‘

    I had previously modified the Custom core-site.xml in HDFS via Ambari to reflect the following two changes:
    hadoop.proxyuser.oozie.groups = *
    hadoop.proxyuser.ooozie.hosts = *

    (I stopped the HDFS service and saved changes, and started service back up prior to testing)

    Additionally under oozie configuration in Ambari, I modified the following advanced variable:
    oozie.service.WorkflowAppService.system.libpath = /user/oozie/share/lib

    Any ideas would be appreciated. (This is for Hadoop 2.0 on a 10 node cluster)

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    Alex Martinez

    I also tried modifying the /etc/sudoers file to allow oozie to have ALL permissions like root as a quick test, but that did not work either.

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