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Oozie to use MySQL instead of Derby

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    When I am doing the config change in oozie-site.xml to replace the Derby database with MySQL, the configurations are getting overridden with the original one. So, how can I use MySQL in place of Derby under Oozie.

    Also, we need to do the config change for providing the error code entry in the oozie-site.xml, e.g. the following property: oozie.service.LiteWorkflowStoreService.user.retry.error.code.ext

    Are these possible or not?


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    Seth Lyubich

    Hi Vimlesh,

    Can you please let me know which installation method you used to deploy your cluster?


    York Yao

    Hi Vimlesh,

    Have you resolved this problem? I encountered the same problem. Can you share your solution?

    Hi Sef, I deployed the cluster using ambari.





    Ambari will overwrite the changes made to the xml files directly.
    Any changes must be made in Ambari itself or you must use /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/scripts/configs.sh
    This enables a simpler way to use the Ambari API to change configurations.
    If you run
    “configs.sh get CLUSTERNAME oozie-site”
    This will give you all the configurations which you can change, then you can find what you want to modify to MySQL and update them accordingly.



    Neal Rutta

    I’m currently running HDP 2.1 (upgraded recently from HDP 2.0). I currently have Derby configured as the Oozie database and would like to change this to MySQL. Unfortunately I cannot make this change using Ambari, as it won’t let me change the database (there are 4 radio buttons, one for each different database, but they are disabled/read-only) via the web user-interface.

    The discussion about using /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/scripts/configs.sh to change properties makes sense, and I have tested it out. However I’m not sure which values need to be changed, and what those values should be. For example, if I do a “get” on the “global” config type I can see

    “oozie_database”: “New Derby Database”
    “oozie_database_type”: “derby”
    “oozie_derby_database” : “Derby”

    But what should these values be if I want to use MySQL? Note that there is also “oozie_jdbc_driver” too and I assume that will need to be set to the correct mysql jdbc connector.

    Related to this, I’m also a bit confused as to whether I should configure oozie by updating its configuration files directly, or if I should use Ambari. For example, this link http://oozie.apache.org/docs/4.0.0/AG_Install.html provides instructions for configuring a database for oozie. I suspect however that I really need to make these changes through ambari, but would like confirmation on this.

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