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    curently, I am trying to install Oozie on a node. It’s running under CentOs with Cloudera. I have no graphical interface, only command line. On the node, I have seen some directories named Oozie, but the service seems not to be installed. Anyway, while trying to install it, I get the “no package avaliable” error.
    Do you have any clue on how to install Oozie here?

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    Hi Stephane,

    As you’re running on Cloudera I can only offer limited support. The graphical interface should be HUE (you should be aware of this) HDP use it as our GUI for cluster related operations. If you have looked at our sandbox you will be familiar.
    If you need to install oozie on the machine then you should set up the correct repository (as you are using Cloudera I would advise you contact their support to find out the correct one for you)
    Otherwise you can install a fresh cluster using HDP following our installation guidelines here:




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