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    Ping Zhu

    I followed the instructions at http://docs.hortonworks.com/CURRENT/index.htm#Deploying_Hortonworks_Data_Platform/Using_gsInstaller/Deploying_Single_Node_Cluster/Instructions_Single_Node.htm but failed to install HDP (core components, hdfs/mapreduce/hbase/oozie/zookeeper) using gsInstaller on a single node. The errors message are like

    “Output from gwhost safe mode command: mesg: /dev/pts/3: Operation not permitted
    Error: JAVA_HOME is not set.”

    I then download Apache Hadoop distribution and installed (ie, unarchive the tarball, format namenode and then start all hadoop dameons) it on the same node with the configuration files included in HDP (ie core-site.xml/hdfs-site.xml.mapred-site.xml under /etc/hadoop/conf) using one account root. it succeeds.

    Any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated

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