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    David Nguyen

    This probably only applies to other folks who are running yarn as a different user than default.

    I upgraded from HDP 1.3 -> 2.0 via manual RPM upgrade. One thing I will mention to hopefully save others some time is that all of my yarn nodes were coming up as “UNHEALTHY”. The reason stated was this via the UI:

    ERROR check containerexecutor, OK: disks ok,

    It turns out, that health check was returning ERROR because the perms on /usr/lib/hadoop-yarn/bin/container-executor looked like this:

    —Sr-s— 1 root yarn 40K Oct 17 17:40 /usr/lib/hadoop-yarn/bin/container-executor

    but needed to be this:

    —Sr-s— 1 root hadoop 40K Oct 17 17:40 /usr/lib/hadoop-yarn/bin/container-executor

    Simple chown/chmod fixed the problem and the cluster righted itself.

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