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    Felix Bekcer

    Hey Guys,

    i still dont feel very familiar with pig and the mapreduce funktions, so please help me with that issue.

    What i got and what i want:
    I got a hugh logfile with the following format: Date (21.12.2012), Time(12:33:59), UserName(Dude1), IPAdress;

    My issue is to check, if somebody changed his ip adress in less then 5 seconds:

    For example:

    31.12.2012 12:33:59 Dude1
    31.12.2012 12:34:02 Dude1
    31.12.2012 12:34:05 Dude1 321.321.321.321

    This third row should give me an alert. But how can i compare several rows with each other to find out, if there is a ip change in less then 5 second? Does someone have an idea?



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