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    john pillinger

    Been trying to install for a few days, but keep getting puppet ping failures.

    Hostname matches Hostname -f which in turn reflects /etc/hosts. I’ve installed the required packages u
    Front as per another post.

    I have uploaded the logs to the FTP site, renamed talk.out.

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    Sasha J

    based on the check results you sent, it looks like something went wrong during puppet agents starting on secondary nodes…
    Please, do the following:
    run “yum erase puppet” on all your nodes
    run “yum erase hmc” on your HMC node
    reboot all 4 nodes
    run “yum install hmc” on your HMC node
    run “rm -rf /var/log/hmc/*; rm -rf /var/log/puppet*” on all your nodes
    run “service hmc start” on your HMC node

    then connect to HMC UI and run installation again.
    Let us know about results.
    If it still failed, then we will need to look closer to logs.

    Thank you!

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