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    Environment:- Windows 2012, HDP 1.3 install using the PUSH_INSTALL option on a 4 nodes cluster. ( 1 NN, 3 DN ).

    Ran into a bug while doing it. Say, I had already installed HDP1.3 on one of the nodes. Then leveraged the push_install automation to install the HDP 1.3 on all the nodes. push_install_hdp.ps1 C:\HDP13\HDP13Install C:\HDP13\HDP13Config clusterproperties.txt hdp-,clusterproperties.txt msiexec /i “C:\HDP13\HDP13Install\hdp-” /lv “C:\HDP13\HDP13Logs\logs13_install.txt” HDP_LAYOUT=”C:\HDP13\HDP13Install\clusterproperties.txt” HDP_DIR=”C:\HDP13\HDP13Config” DESTROY_DATA=”Yes”

    Now, the install process detects that HDP 1.3 has already been installed on one of the nodes and uninstalls if HDP 1.3 is already out there, but does not perform the re-install on this node. It goes ahead with installing it on the other nodes.

    Also, as a side note, the uninstall on the first node was only partial. Neither could we simply manually uninstall it easily, nor could we install, or repair.
    Had to create the deleted env’s manually again to get it to reinstall.

    This needs to be fixed for better user experience for users installing HDP 1.3 on Windows.

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