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    Louis Long

    I have a HDP 1.3.2 cluster (1 master 2 data) running SLES 11.3. Everything is working and I’m trying to add R. I can’t find any distributions of R for SLES 11.3 and was wondering if I can access my cluster through a remote install of R. I was thinking of standing up a Windows server or a CentOS server and installing R there and then accessing my SLES 11.3 cluster remotely. This way I won’t have to add anything else to my existing cluster and I can keep the R component isolated and not have to deal with OS distribution issues. Is that a viable option? Is this documented anywhere? Thanks

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    Kenny Zhang

    Hi Louis,

    Yes, this looks viable. We can just install R in one of the client inside the cluster. If you install R outside the cluster, please make sure the host can access every node in the cluster and is able to resolve all the hostname of the nodes to correct IP.

    I’m not sure what document you want, if you’re looking for an installation document and user’s guide for R, please refer to the oracle document: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27101_01/doc.10/e27365/orhc.htm#CFHFIGAI


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