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    I would like to see the directory structure of hadoop installation after i log with root/hadoop. I am using the Virtual box Sandbox. What are the other default accounts set up for this sandbox ?

    Please advice .



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    Koelli Mungee

    Hi Srikrishna,

    This is to answer your question on the directory structure. If you want more information you can take a look at our manual installation instructions to understand the configuration directory structure


    All the hadoop jars are in


    Another important location for the core hadoop configurations:




    cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd

    That command should list all of the users on a linux machine. /etc/passwd contains the config for each user on a machine, if you open the actual file you can get a lot more information if you need it. IBM’s file reference page does a good job of detailing it.

    As for viewing the directory structure, I don’t know a good way right off hand but this answer looks like your question, so I’d start with this answer here (direct link)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)