Removing host hosting HbaseMaster in Ambari 1.4.4

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    Liren Sun

    Hi guys,
    One of my vm hosting hbaseMaster is down and not able to recover. So we start hbase master on another box (manually not from ambari web). I am trying to remove the machine on ambari web, it shows
    This host cannot be deleted since it has the following master components:
    HBase Master
    To delete this host, you must first move all the master components listed above to another host.
    On hbase service page it shows:
    HBase Master Heartbeat lost…
    Active HBase Master Started
    HBase Master Unknown

    How can i remove it from ambari-master?
    Another problem is we upgrade to ambari 1.4.4 for this changing master feature. However, the ambari master become really slow. Top shows high cpu usage. It did not act this way when we were on 1.2.3 nor 1.2.5.
    Our hadoop stack is on HDP-1.3.0

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    Koelli Mungee

    Quick update on this, we are looking at the latest issue on the hbase ganglia metrics and will provide the resolution once available.



    Liren Sun

    Giving a update to my problem in case someone wonders.
    1. I delete the host and its services through API. The only problem left is ambari web do not show Hbase metrics correctly based on the new master. Ganglia works fine.

    2. The slowness were caused by slow metrics responses from server. It seems to be a ganglia problem since metrics are comming from ganglia. After I reinstall the ganglia server package, and restart it, the Ambari works fine now.

    Problem unsolved: Ambari web does not show correct metrics for hbase.


    Liren Sun

    For the slowness, it seems the metrics api calls are really slow. It cause additional updating ajax calls stacking up and crush the web server. Can I config the update frequency? Is getting metrics that suppose to be very slow?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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