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    My environment:- Windows 2012 Servers, HDP 1.1 on Windows.
    On testing the affect of load performance under varying block replication settings at the directory level, i used the command “Setrep” to a different replication factor than in the dfs.replication setting. For ex., i have a 3 DataNode ( DN ) and 1 NameNode (NN) and the dfs.replication is set to “3”.
    At this particular directory level in HDFS, i have set the replication to “2” and it affected all the existing files in that directory. But any new file created in that directory defaults to the Value of “3”, the original value in the configuraiton.
    How do i override this, even for new files coming in. Unfortunately, i can’t do that from my application, as it does not support that yet.

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    Seth Lyubich

    Hi Muthu,

    Setrep sets replication factor for just the existing file or files in directory. For new files that are written you should set it explicitly when you create the files.

    Hope this helps.


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