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    I am trying to setup Eclipse to run Map/Reduce prgs. Pulled the Eclipse plugin from sandbox /usr/lib/hadoop/contrib/eclipse-plugin/ folder -> to Eclipse/plugins.
    Open Eclipse in MapReduce perspective.
    Add MapReduce Locations
    Map/Reduce Master
    Host :
    Port : 50300
    DFS Master
    Host :
    Port : 50490
    User : root

    Tried multiple parameters still no luck.

    Did anyone try this? Let me know the parameters that should be set.


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    Nhan Nguyen

    Did you figure that out? I am having the same issue, cannot setup map/reduce location. I keep getting error EOFException


    Can somebody put a simple tutorial of running one’s own MapReduce job on Windows via Eclipse or any IDE? It cannot be that hard when it is so easy of Hadoop is running on your machine, say on OSX and any development environment cannot connect to it. Thanks.


    Brian Brownlow

    Did you ever get any help with this? I’m trying it with the 1.3 Sandbox. Did you consider maven? Do you need both?

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