Sandbox 2.0 seems blocked (on query)

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    Hi all,
    i have the following issues running queries on the 2.0 Hadoop Sandbox on VMware with 2.8GB on Dell Latitude E6420.

    I loaded a 12GB table and 5 little ones and running some queries to evaluate the environment. I’m trying to run queries with double joins and some WHERE “filter” statements.

    The problem is that in the MapReduce running phase the Sandbox seems blocked. The task performed stopped in some way, i checked the resource monitor and task manager and it seems so.
    The only way to go through is restart the VM.


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    Hi Daniele,

    You must access the resource manager UI or look in the logs for what the query is doing.
    Unfortunately HUE (the web interface) will not give you this information.

    You will have to ssh into the machine – how good are your Linux skills?
    You may want to start Ambari and go to (or whatever your sandbox IP is) and from there you can get to the ResourceManager UI to look at the job.

    Can you paste your query here which you are doing?

    Look in the hive logs on the sandbox and check the Yarn logs too.





    Hi, actually after launching the query and entering the map reduce job tasks both the process and the virtual machine blocks. This means that no more logs are displayed anymore and the VM itself enters a block state. the only way to go over is to restart the VM (aborting the query).

    – <quote>When you say “blocked” what state does the job go into?</quote>
    I used block with the meaning of “no more response from”. Thus, even waiting very long time without having a process log displayed.

    – <quote>Did you check the resource manager and container logs?</quote>
    Ya, resource manager for understanding memory and CPU usage related to the VM.
    I did not check the container log (where can i find it?), but i did not receive any log progress even after long time.

    – <quote>Is the query running out of memory?</quote>
    Probably ;(

    Considering these results, i think that this is a memory (RAM) problem, but i’m not sure about that.
    I appended a link on the very first message showing the framework blocked.

    Waiting for your response.

    Thanks, Daniele



    Hi Daniele,

    When you say “blocked” what state does the job go into?
    Did you check the resource manager and container logs?
    Is the query running out of memory?





    System Requirements
    Now runs on 32-bit and 64-bit OS (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OSX)
    Minimum <bold>4GB</blod> RAM; 8Gb required to run Ambari and Hbase
    Virtualization enabled on BIOS
    Browser: Chrome 25+, IE 9+, Safari 6+ recommended. (Sandbox will not run on IE 10)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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