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    After some further research, it looks like many of the tabs in the Sandbox web interface are Hue “apps”. Hue stands for Hadoop User Experience. Some of the tabs are not part of standard Hue like Pig and Hcatalog. But others like Hive and the File browser are. A simple web search will reveal some interesting lineage info about Hue itself. Not sure if this matters all that much, but I was not aware of the connection until today. Sorry if this was common knowledge and I am revealing my newbie-ness.

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    I saw the github project for Hue and noticed that the HCatalog and Pig apps were missing there. Will these be contributed back to the Hue open source effort?

    I do appreciate the goodness of the all-in-one packaging: OS, Hadoop/HDP, Hue and tutorials. This is the best Hadoop “Studio” project I have seen to date. Very approachable and inviting.


    Carter Shanklin

    The Sandbox is CentOS + Hortonworks HDP + HUE + new HUE components (Pig and HCatalog UIs) + tutorial content and syndication + packaging. So yes, HUE is in there but also a lot more.

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